Welcome to the Online Exhibitor Manual
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The main objective of this guide is offering you the best service and the most complete information about the exhibition.

Please read this instructions carefully before submitting your forms.

On the Main Menu you will find 4 sections:

Must-have information about the exhibition.

You will receive relevant information and notifications on the message center.

Consult Welcome Letters.

Enter your company information for the Show Directory, request your exhibitor badges and all the services you need during the show.
The User ID & Password were sent on an email. If you have any questions about it please contact Courtney Baker, phone +1 770 984 8016
If you need Tecnical Support, please call to +52 (55) 10846926 or send a message to e-ntegrated@acob.com.mx.
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Instructions to submit forms:

a. Enter the requested requested on the fields, please notice there are mandatory fields on each form. In case there is information missing on the mandatory fields, the system will pop up a window showing you the fields left to be filled.

b. The general information of the exhibitor company will only be requested the first time you enter information on a form.

c. Once you have completed the information requested, click on the button located at the end of the page to save the information or click at the very top of the page on Main Menu to go to the start page or click on Forms to go to the forms list. Information entered on the forms can be edited before the deadline.

d. If you have clicked on save, on the next screen the information entered will be displayed. This screen may be sent to any email address.

e. Each form has a deadline, learn more on the forms list.

f. Use the buttons located on the forms to go to every section and avoid to use the built-in browser buttons.